In and out of school.

Topic: To display different renderings which have been completed using various methods, either digital or hard media.
Theme/purpose will be stated for each portion.

Motorcycle Concept Rendering-

Method: Photoshop CS6

Topic/Reason: Technique / style / speed exercise

Year 4 Auto Studio Project-

Method: Photoshop CS6

Topic: To create a sport compact car and develop it through packaging, sketches, renderings and clay modeling.

Year 3 Speaker (Design for production)-

Method: Solidworks

Topic: To understand drafts and fits and how to model such things in Solidworks.
This included documentation of cost, material use, etc.

Year 3 Final Project-

Method: Solidworks

Topic: To apply learned knowledge to an automotive (or product) 3D model using different modelling techniques. (Solids and surfaces) along with applying materials and rendering.

'Red' Coloured Paper Rendering-

Method: Duo-tone painting

Reason: A gift and a glimpse to what the vehicle would possibly look like when all modifications were complete.

Year 2 Studio Project-

Method: Illustrator

Topic: To create a rending over a line drawing and learn the Adobe Illustrator program as a rendering tool.