Second Year Industrial Design Studio Project

Purpose: To create a balance bike to meet the ergonomic needs of a specific age range.
Must be made of sustainable materials.
Full or half-scale prototype (need not function).

Chosen statistics for project:

Age - 12-24 months
Scale - Full-size (Functional)
Sustainability - Domestic wood body - Recycled jean material - Re-purposed lawnmower wheels
- Scrap wood and foam from other productions
Finishing - A few coats of clear polyurethane - Sanding for a smooth - Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers

The age range chosen, meant the front wheel need not turn. The scale allowed me to make the project functional, which for me made the project much more enjoyable.
It is called "Krolik - The Speedy Rabbit" for its shape. The word Krolik is Polish/Ukrainian for rabbit or bunny. The profile of the wood represents the motion of a rabbit running.

Along with material, name and ergonomic research, I also asked a mother questions pertaining to what their child would respond to with shape, colour and so-on. The child being in the exact age range at the time.

Held together with carpenter's glue and clamped, the balance bike turned out very strong. It was accidentally dropped from the work bench without breaking or damage. In addition, I was able to sit on it and roll without and sounds of stress.

Overall, I enjoyed this project. It was quite the accomplishment. A booklet was submitted with the project with concept sketches, preliminary renderings, scale drawings, progress photos, final renderings and photos.